Ask those that know me, I am an introvert. If you look at my images you may have already figured as much. There are not a lot of smiling faces looking back at you. Looking back, I would say about 95% of them were taken while I was out alone. Only my wife was with me for the most of the remaining 5%.

For me, photography is a time for me to be alone, a time to appreciate the beauty God has created in this world, and a time to try to capture and preserve that beauty. It’s a time to contemplate the wonders of the world. It’s a time to experience nature, all the good and (some would say) bad that it has to offer. It’s a time to slow down and be at peace.

I find that there is beauty and peace everywhere, if I only slow down and observe. It may be a crisp fall daybreak or a warm summer afternoon. It may be a bright sunny day or it may be a pouring rainstorm. It may be a moody stormy day or a crystal-clear night that there are so many stars it takes your breath away. It may be the grand vista or a small unknown stream that would otherwise go unseen if the time was not taken to appreciate it. Sometimes the beauty is just a few steps off of the road, other times the trail is miles and miles long. And that’s ok, because the journey is worth it.

So, if you happen to see me out with my camera, stop and say hello, or not. I’m fine either way.