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Madrone in the Mist

The Maker of Peace

Socked in along the McKittrick Canyon Trai

Davis Mountains SP

Cliffside Beauty

Fall Morning on Cypress Creek

3 Minutes on Canyon Lake

Evening Storm in the Desert

Spanish Moss at the Bauer Unit

Rainy Day on the Devil’s Hall Trail #1

Longhorns and Bluebonnets

Sunset on the Tracks


Storm at Canyon Lake

Ghosts in the Fog

Bluebonnet House

Cadillac Ranch

Ancients in the Fog

Bluebonnet Tressle

Early Morning Fishing

Bluebonnets in Cestahowa

Orange in Gruene

Fulton Harbor

Storm Over Canyon Lake

Texas Oaisis #1

Terlingua Sunrise

Old Homestead

Storm on the Guadalupe Mountains

Mist on the Pedernales

Rising from the Fog

Fulton Harbor

Gone Fishin’ – Early Morning on the Guadalupe River

The Dancer

Guadalupe in the Morning

La Paz

Summer Afternoon

Sunrise in Rockport

River Road